Social Media in Pharma: What Should You Learn in 2019

Social Media in Pharma



Social media is the fastest and easiest way to share content instantly for most of the businesses. But for pharma businesses, it is not like the other ones. The restrictions and regulations on pharmaceutical companies make them think twice before sharing every piece of content.

Here, we share some of the best practices on social media pharma businesses should follow to get optimum results.

Being More Selective

The number of social shares now compared to four years ago has drastically decreased. Probably because people are directly sharing more content on instant messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.

This points to a very important thing, which is that people will only share more valuable content. So, marketers now are focusing more on content of higher quality that is worth sharing and keeping people attached.

Pharmaceutical businesses can focus only on the content quality in social media instead of how frequently they post.

Increasing Promoted Content

Social Media

In addition to focusing more on quality rather than the amount of content. The trend is also going toward investing more in promoting content. So, rather than publishing more content, the whole investment becomes in well-chosen posts that are promoted with higher budgets.




Relying More on Videos

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All brands on social media are increasingly relying on videos, and pharmaceutical businesses can find that perfect. Videos are now one of the best methods, if not the best to get engagement with social media fans. Educational and helpful videos can be a perfect fit for pharma businesses. This can increase their customer base and build a stronger brand.



Expanding Availability to More Platforms

Being on more social networks to market through more than one channel is now a trend in the pharma marketing. Clearly because you can’t find all your audience on one platform. However, some platforms are having more pharma companies available than others.

Social Media

According to statistics, pharmaceutical companies are most present on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. With Twitter and LinkedIn on top of the platforms pharma companies are available on. Instagram is the least platform among them to have pharma company accounts.

Despite the challenges facing marketers in publishing content for pharmaceutical companies. Social media is still a great chance and companies are understanding that with every year that passes. The number of pharma companies on social media platforms is rapidly increasing. Missing such a chance to target customers and build a brand through social media is never a good strategy.

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