Evolving Digital Marketing Trends in Pharma

Technologies are changing everything in our lives, reshaping industries, and revolutionizing the world rapidly. Certainly, new technologies and the internet have greatly impacted digital marketing trends in Pharma. So, each sector has had marketing revolutionized within it, including the pharmaceutical sector. Now, evolving technologies are trending in the pharma digital marketing field. Technologies are being implemented and developed to improve many aspects of pharma marketing.


Digital Marketing Trends in Pharma:

1-The potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence in pharma (Digital Marketing Trends in Pharma)

Data is mined in every single sector. These great amounts of data known as big data. In the same vein, companies use big data to enhance user experiences. Moreover, influence their behavior with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now, pharmaceutical companies are collecting the data and analyzing it in a more authentic and more updated way. This is very important for an industry like the pharma industry.


Furthermore, AI and automation are going to enable pharma marketers to ensure every customer and client is receiving relevant info at the right time. Automation is making the task more simple and less time-consuming. However, chatbots will never replace humans in every way as they will always lack understanding and emotions. One of the promising examples in AI is IBM Watson for Oncology. The company is a leader in AI for Personalized treatment decisions in the oncology field. It uses medical data for each patient for treatment optimization. Recently, Watson helped a patient to diagnose a rare form of leukemia who was initially diagnosed as acute myeloid leukemia. AI examined millions of research data in minutes then successfully diagnosed the patient and recommended the treatment.

2- Effect of social networks

people working on different devices (Digital Marketing Trends in Pharma)

Social networks have evolved in recent years to be mandatory for pharmaceutical companies to reach targeted audiences anytime and anywhere. Hence, Social media platforms have become very necessary for healthcare businesses for content marketing. Some studies believe that the number of Twitter tweets by pharmaceutical companies has increased by five times since 2013. Which, is an indication of how much pharma businesses are understanding the great benefits behind social media channels.

3-Bigger steps for mobile

Mobile technologies have taken big steps in the pharma industry in recent years. Clinical information is now easily accessible from smartphones by all healthcare professionals with some touches. This improves the focus of professionals on the more complicated tasks to be more productive which is really promising.

4-The rapidly moving IoT shift

Green plant on mobile screen (Digital Marketing Trends in Pharma)

Pharmaceutical IoT services and software are growing more rapidly than you would ever expect. A growth rate of more than 5 times is expected between 2015 and 2020. Which means that the industry is nearly doubled in size every year. IoT is completely ready to revolutionize the pharma Digital Marketing Trends. The IoT devices themselves are processing the data instead of the cloud. Now, these tiny IoT gadgets are able to process large amounts of real-time information individually. So, the devices may already be ready for the transformation. IoT can have a great impact on patient adherence and general health.

Leading pharmaceutical companies are now using “smart pills” for drug administration and monitoring drug effects on patients. The patients can use Smart pills to check their adherence when the patients skip a dose. It will send them a reminder on their phones. Moreover, if patients are not compliant for a few days it can send notifications to their healthcare professionals. Further, smart pills can detect serious events and can immediately alert the doctor to take action.

5-The remarkable development of multi-channel communication

The digital communication has been evolving continuously to improve the experience and provide more options. According to statistics, more than half of the online shoppers in the united states expect a healthcare customer service that is as good as Amazon. Moreover, people now rely on the internet for authentic pharmaceutical and healthcare information that educates them. Now, the pharma industry is already keeping up with the multi-channel approach. In the pharma industry, this approach is enabling other digital features. For example, e-sampling and interactive detailing. Every year, the pharmaceutical marketing sector is seeing evolution impacted by new technologies.


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