Big Data for Pharma Industry: How Can Data Change Everything

The usage of data in marketing has drastically changed in recent years. For pharma, it is not just about marketing but now about revolutionizing the whole industry. The industry is one of the richest ones with data, which is generated from various sources including patients, retailers, research and development processes.
This data is capable of benefiting the pharmaceutical industry with its clinical trial, safety and risk management, the collaboration between companies and many others.


Improving marketing

The marketing of pharmaceutical products has been overhauled in the last years, thanks to technology. Big data, as one of the most promising fields of technology, can easily help companies target a more specific audience to sell them certain products. With marketing becoming all digital, this can be easily integrated even with available tools and platforms

Enhancing clinical trials

Big data can help in improving clinical trials by using patient’s data gathered from multiple sources and letting the algorithms filter patients that don’t meet the criteria. This will help ease the process for patients and companies while giving researchers greater ability to monitor the patients’ health in real-time with more available information than ever.

Empowering predictive analysis

Enormous amounts of data can help detect drug toxicity and other important indications like the estimated chances of patient survival for certain cases. This predictive analysis powered by big data will give a more clear picture of what suits the patient leading to better results. The algorithms will never miss a detail and will deliver personalized information for each patient that isn’t possible to deliver without it.


Integration with health apps

Pharma is going digital for users with powerful pharma and healthcare apps delivering great features. These digital apps can use data to help in building great relations with patients. With more data, more personalized experiences can be offered and new features will appear.

Collaboration with other industries

Pharmaceutical companies work closely with healthcare companies, insurance companies, and data management ones. With all of these companies collaborating on a single platform, information usage and sharing can be much more effective and time can be saved.

Big data has great potential for the pharma industry, many available applications can be enhanced and new solutions depending on enormous amounts of data will benefit both patients and companies.

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